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How Do You Pick Marble Slabs


Marble Slabs are a kind of natural stone. And the patterns on each Marble Slabs are unique. But it's not the pretty patterns that distinguish Marble Slabs from bad ones.

Do you know the different patterns of Marble Slabs and to what extent? Today I'm going to teach you how to pick Marble Slabs.

How to choose the pattern for Marble Slabs?

1 observe the integrity of the material

Marble Slabs are not complicated. We can observe the structure of the stone surface directly with the naked eye. The finer the particles on the stone surface, the better the quality of Marble Slabs. And it's not pretty to look at.

2 test the hardness

When we buy Marble Slabs, we can beat the surface of the Marble Slabs with our hands and listen to the sound of the Marble Slabs. If time passes over the Marble Slabs, they will make a clear sound. The reason why I knock on the surface of Marble Slabs is to avoid choosing Marble Slabs with cracks. Marble Slabs with cracks will make a little empty sound when I knock them.

3. White Marble Slabs can be used on the ceilings and walls

Marble Slabs are of various colors. But the Marble Slabs of different colors should be used in different areas. They should not be used arbitrarily in decoration.

4 Beige Marble Slabs are better for the ground

Beige Marble Slabs. Normally, they are widely used on the ground. Because beige Marble Slabs are the natural base color, and you don't have to worry about yellowing.

5 Dark Marble Slabs are recommended for the table

Normally, the slots of the dark Marble Slabs are smaller, so the absorption rate is lower than that of the light ones. Moreover, the dark Slabs are more resistant to dirt and have higher hardness. The other Marble Slabs are not likely to break. Clean up.

Note the Marble Slabs

When you choose Marble Slabs, you can splice all kinds of patterns. But pay attention to the coincidence of the patterns, so as not to disturb the beauty.


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