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6 scenarios with flexible use of Self-stick Hooks


Hang up spray bottles next to the table

1. Attach Self-stick Hooks horizontally and hang spray bottles on the side of the desk.

2. Put it in the place of frequent use, when you want to use it can be used quickly!

Hang towels in the kitchen

1. Stick Self-stick Hooks horizontally.

2. Hang the towel through the stick.

Refrigerator use

Attach Self-stick Hooks horizontally to the side of the refrigerator, threading the hose through the hooks.

Bathroom extension

1. Attach Self-stick Hooks to the bathroom walls.

2. Hang up your shampoo bottle and put it away. It's easy to clean!

The entrance is hung for storage

Stick Self-stick Hooks horizontally on the entrance door so you can put things you need to go out, such as umbrellas and keys!

Living room clothes storage

1. Stick Self-stick Hooks vertically on smooth places such as doors and hangers.

2. Vertical paste will increase the load tolerance, slightly less clothes can also be!


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