1200W Portable Power Station

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Since its establishment, Sinovo Technologies Co., Ltd. has been committed to the improvement and innovation of technical standards to meet the increasing global market demand.

At present, most of our management team are technical experts and market experts in the industry, and have a deep understanding of domestic and international markets and technologies. We have strong R&D strength, with more than 30 software and hardware R&D team. Most of them have many years of practical experience in the intelligent control industry. At the same time, we have been carrying out technical cooperation with many domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions.

So far, our products have been sold to more than 180 countries and regions such as Germany, Britain, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, the United States, Russia, etc., and have gradually improved an effective sales network system around the world And market feedback system to accelerate the pace of our internationalization. We believe that with our strong R&D strength, efficient and advanced management organization and strict quality control system, we will provide more and more high-tech products to meet customer needs.

We welcome OEM/ODM partners and are committed to providing partners with high-quality, efficient and practical high-tech products and end-to-end complete solutions.

1200W Portable Power Station Application

Power Outdoors and Care Families

RV camping / Off Road / Fishing / Hunting / VAN life / Backyard Getaway / Emergency

With its compact and wireless design, OPS1200 is one of the best Portable Power Station for your outdoor party. It could power your essential outdoor appliances and electronics such as blender, pellet smoker, ice shaver, radio, and projector. When you need power in special circumstances, Sinovo OPS1200 portable power station can also be your reliable backup power supply for refrigerators, CPAP/BiPAP, computers etc.

1200W Portable Power Station Details

12W LED Lighting

Built-in SOS LED lighting, which can be used as an emergency light or as a SOS light.

Warm White Lamp Beads

Frosted Lampshade

Strong Brightness

Soft Light Mode

Smart Display

Sinovo OPS1200 has a smart LED display panle , which calculates the charging time and the remaining working time according to the working status of the power consumption product , and the working status of the portable power station is clearly visible.

Wireless Charging Stable and practical

Strong Penetrability: With smarter IC group providing stronger penetrating power

Large Charging Region: fits all cell phones in different size.

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