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What are the environmental influences on Water Chiller?


Different environments have different effects on the cooling effect of Water Chiller, so we should choose the appropriate Water Chiller model according to the environment and specific conditions, in order to achieve the best cooling effect.

1. The choice of Water Chiller type

If the cooling effect is not good, then our Water Chiller will emit a strong alarm sound, so we have very high requirements for the conditions of this environment, one is to absorb the cool wind, two is to exhaust, three is to let the dust less. If the customer's environment is relatively high, we do not recommend the use of such air-cooled Water Chiller set. In this case, we must choose the water-cooled set.

Water Chiller has no great impact on the temperature of the outside world. It is mainly cooled by cooling the water tower, which can be placed at the bottom of the building. As long as you pay attention to the dust and leaves in the air, because there are too many dust and leaves, it is likely to enter the inside of the machine and seal the condenser.

2. Environmental adaptability of Water Chiller

Water Chiller group generally uses water cooling, so it cannot achieve high precision and high efficiency temperature control, because it will be affected by natural air temperature, which is relatively high in winter and relatively high in summer. At 30 degrees Celsius, it is not practical for the water temperature to rise to 10 degrees Celsius, so it is very unstable to operate in this way.

Water Chiller is fundamentally different from ordinary water cooling equipment. It is a self-contained cooling equipment that does not change the internal temperature or the environment, and can adjust the water temperature from 5 to 30 degrees Celsius, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This unit has a separate Water circulation system, using Water Chiller group, saving a lot of water resources.

3. Water Chiller environment is artificially changed

When environmental factors have an impact on the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to carry out the corresponding transformation, in proper working conditions, can ensure the equipment for a long time, stability, no problems, which can greatly reduce the cost of the enterprise in use. Relatively speaking, the water cooling system is better, it can work 24 hours uninterrupted, keep the working state of the equipment.


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