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Silicone Bottle is resistant to high temperature


Compared with the ability of high and low temperature resistance, many materials have different differences in temperature resistance requirements and standards. Silicone material is one of them. As a material that can be used in multiple industry fields at present, the characteristic conditions of silicone products are still not well understood by many consumers. So many friends think it is not safe, the temperature effect can not be compared with hardware, so you understand its temperature effect!

Ceramic and hardware we can put into the microwave oven to bake, there has never been a problem, plastic is not, dare not put into the microwave oven to bake this has also led to a lot of friends have a concept, rubber and plastic materials as far as possible not into the microwave oven! Such problems also lead to the instability of Silicone product. 

Therefore, today we will discuss whether Silicone Bottle can withstand temperature.

Plastic materials are also divided into PE,PC,ABS and PP, and different materials have different temperature-resistant melting points. Their temperature-resistant environment is about 120-160. If they are put in the microwave for too long, the melting point will be generated and the plastic materials will melt. PPSU material for baby bottles.

However, the temperature resistance of Silicone Bottle is different from that of plastic. Silicone bottle is formed at normal temperature and processed at 180-200 degrees, while its normal temperature resistance is between 220-260 degrees, so it will not have any influence when it is instantaneously heated to 1000 degrees. Therefore, it has no problem to enter into the microwave oven. And the silica gel material belongs to the highly active substance, its performance is stable, and the basic will not occur with any substance combination reaction conflict. Even an open flame gives off white smoke and white powder.

Therefore, the material of Silicone Bottle mainly consists of high temperature resistance, safety and stability. It has different technology from plastic, and its processing materials are completely different, which gives it unique functionality and wide application.

And for hardware and ceramic materials they compared with silica gel, hardware and ceramic melting point temperature resistance characteristics is only higher than silica gel material, in the case of a certain temperature hardware and ceramic will also be dissolved!


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