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Application and market of Wire Harness Connector


Connector is used to connect Wire Harness to Wire Harness or Wire Harness to electrical components. Automobile Wire Harness Connector is an important component connecting various electrical and electronic equipment of automobiles. In order to prevent the Connector from disconnecting in the vehicle, all connectors are equipped with locking devices. How to disassemble the Wire Harness Connector When you want to disassemble the Connector, release the lock and then pull the connector apart. Do not pull the Wire Harness without releasing the lock. Otherwise, the lock device or the Wire Harness may be damaged. Wire Harness Connector Features for example, Wire Harness Connector is an important component connecting electrical and electronic equipment of automobiles. It transmits electrical signals between power supply, switch, electrical and electronic equipment. It is known as automobile nerve, and is a carrier for electric signal control of automobiles. It has the characteristics of good air tightness and beautiful appearance.

1. Single-pole 75 amp Connector and terminal; 2. Working voltage: 600 volts, (AC or DC); 3. Plugging life: more than 5000 times; 4. Voltage resistant insulation voltage: 2200 volts; 5. On-off resistance: 100 microohms.

Wire Harness Connector products are used in automobiles, household appliances, instruments, office equipment, business machines, electronic parts of the lead and electronic control board, used in digital products, household appliances, automotive industry.

Many local Connector manufacturers started out as mold developers or manufacturers and then gradually infiltrated Connector manufacturing. With mold development, manufacturing and plastic molding capabilities, they have considerable competitive advantages both in terms of cost control and rapid response to customers and the market. As the function of the car increases, electronic control technology is widely used, more and more electrical parts, more and more wires will be. The prospect of Wire Harness Connector market in recent years, the rapid growth of mobile phone output in our country has driven the large demand for mobile phone Connector. Among mobile phone connectors, battery Connector, SIM card Connector and FPC Connector have the largest demand, accounting for about 50% [%] of the total demand. According to Global Sources Market Research, the Push Connector market, which highlights demand in the computer and consumer electronics markets, will show double-digit growth.


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