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A recipe for Wood Flooring maintenance


Wood Flooring is a Flooring made of a single log. Wood Flooring has many advantages such as natural and fresh, warm in winter and cool in summer, health and environmental protection, which make it the most popular flooring material at present. However, attention should be paid to the daily maintenance of Wood Flooring. For Wood Flooring maintenance, it is definitely not a simple cleaning. Wood Flooring maintenance skills are very careful, and attention should be paid to the way and frequency of maintenance. In the following small series, we will introduce how to maintain Wood Flooring.

One: For some grey layers of Wood Flooring, it can be gently removed by cloth, broom or vacuum cleaner in normal times. Soak the cloth and wring it out to clean Wood Flooring. 

The frequency of the wiping will depend on the specific cleanliness of the Wood Flooring, but make sure to wipe once every 2 days, because even if no one is walking inside and no one is dirty, there will still be a layer of ash for a day or two.

Two: According to the use and the actual condition of the floor, waxing treatment will be applied to the Wood Flooring as appropriate. To ensure that the floor is clean and fresh, there should be waxing treatment at least once every 6 months, but it should not be too frequent.

Three: During Wood Flooring, try not to wear shoes or slippers or socks. Barefoot walking is not only relaxing and healthy for the body, but also without the fear of having some hard soles on top of the Wood Flooring flooring. In addition, pay attention to other hard furniture not to fall heavily on Wood Flooring. Although Wood Flooring is of good Wood and scratch resistance, it will cause damage to Wood Flooring to a certain extent over time.

Four: When cleaning up some ash layer or some dirt in Wood Flooring, do not use some strong dirt removal to scrape some hard utensils such as some knives or some sander and sandpaper, which will cause great damage to Wood Flooring. If you can't get it off, soak it with hot water and remember to wipe it off. Keep a Wood Flooring surface dry.


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